5 Signs it’s Time for a Home Renovation or Extension

5 Signs it’s Time for a Home Renovation or Extension

As premier Launceston builders, the team at Krause Construction loves assisting Tasmanians to create their dream home. This often means brand new homes: properties built from the ground up, from digital designs to the final touches. But it can also mean turning your existing home into your dream home with just a few minor tweaks. Could it be time for you to invest in a home extension or renovation? These 5 circumstances might be a sign that it’s time to give Krause a call.

1. Your family is growing or your lifestyle is changing.

Are you expecting? A growing family can necessitate a significant increase in space, not just for bedrooms and nurseries, but for play rooms and more. This is a perfect opportunity to obtain a home extension and create new spaces that will suit your budding family. Working with your home builder, you can design an addition that incorporates all the elements you’re looking for. Want a playroom that connects with a child’s nursery and bathroom? No problem. Home additions are also a smart choice when making lifestyle changes. If you’ve decided to work from home in the future, a well-designed office will be exactly what you need to allow all that productivity and creativity to emerge.

2. Certain spaces just aren’t working anymore.

When you first purchase a home, it might be a great choice, but it isn’t always ideal. Have you been struggling with a lack of space in your kitchen? Preparing a meal is a nightmare when there’s not enough benches to hold all the ingredients. Maybe the oddly-shaped bathroom in your home was considered quirky when you first moved in but now you’re frustrated and dreaming of a bigger bathtub. Your current home can be revitalised with a renovation that creates the spaces you’ve been imagining. It’s time to stop accepting less than your dream kitchen, bathroom, or bedroom. Let us help you transform your property today.

3. Your kitchen/bathroom/other area is outdated.

Perhaps your space isn’t the problem, but the decor, fixtures, and other elements are in need of a serious upgrade. Outdated kitchens and bathrooms are a common problem in Launceston homes, as modern technology and styles make certain appliances obsolete and ineffective over time. At Krause Construction, we specialise in such renovations, and have a ready team of electricians, plumbers, tiling experts and more to help make your vision a reality—and bring you into the 21st century.

4. You’re ready for something new…but not ready to move.

Perhaps you are craving a space that looks and feels new, but you’re not ready to commit to buying a new home or starting a complete new home build. In this case, a makeover for your home is in order. Renovations or home extensions can make massive changes in your decor, environment, and even your lifestyle. And you deserve a home that matches your lifestyle and your needs.

5. You’ve lost count of the number of times you’ve said: “if only we had a room for _______”.

After living in a house for years, residents tend to discover its every advantage—as well as its every disadvantage. A continual problem in your home may signal that the time is nigh for a home renovation or addition. If you’ve found yourself repeating the same needs multiple times, this is likely to point to the area which needs help. For some families this might be a mudroom or other space to hold boots, outerwear, or other small outdoor equipment. Perhaps you simply need a “spare” room to hold all the things you can find no other place for. Whatever your reasons may be, a repeated desire calls for a reboot on your existing property.

Your “New” Home Awaits

Time for something fresh? Alongside customer satisfaction, the highest standard of craftsmanship remains our top priority. This means that from Krause Construction you can expect the absolute best results in the business. You don’t need to build an entirely new house to create a brand new home. Let us help. With professional, expert renovations and home additions, we’ll enhance the best parts of your home, and develop fantastic new rooms and spaces. Your dream house might be right under your feet.