Home Extensions

Home Extensions In Launceston

All house extensions require the services of an experienced home builder. If you are in Launceston and are thinking of extending, talk to Krause Construction. We are locally owned and operated and are happy to provide our expert opinion on what extension is right for you.

Which Type Of Extension Is Right For You?

You can extend up, down and out, the choice will depend on your budget and what makes the most sense for your property. It helps to get the unbiased opinion of a professional builder, so your decision isn’t swayed too much by emotions.

  • Building Up – almost always more expensive than extending out, but going up will save your garden and provide more light. An extra storey can also provide access to views that could increase the value of your home. The staircase will take up some of your space downstairs.
  • Extending Out – Generally less expensive and not as disruptive as you get to keep your roof. However, extensions on a sloping block can be costly. Matching your extensions to existing structures is essential.
  • Going Under – This is a popular extension for Queenslanders and older homes with cellars. You will need to have the soil (or rock) underneath your home assessed for suitability and factor in damp proofing.

Remember to always factor in the unknown. As with all building work, home extensions can run over budget so always factor in a 10% contingency buffer.