6 Great Ideas for Your Launceston Dream Home

6 Great Ideas for Your Launceston Dream Home

You’ve worked hard. You’ve saved money. And you’ve planned for this for several years. Finally, the time has arrived and it is time to build your new home in Launceston. But this time, it’s going to be your dream home.   With your imagination swirling, it may seem that the possibilities are endless. Fortunately, with some research and brainstorming, you can start to narrow down the features you can’t live without. We are here to help. As the premier home builders in Launceston, we’re very knowledgeable about current trends in design and layout. We’ve also seen time and again what works flawlessly for our clients. Ready to discover the potential that awaits?  Here are six wonderful ideas for your Launceston dream home.  

1. A fully modern kitchen with plenty of space for preparing meals

Whatever your decor plans are, everyone loves a spacious kitchen with room to cook and serve. Now that you’re building your dream home, you kitchen can be customised to your exact specifications. Want an island bench space in the centre of the room? How about low, wide drawers for storage instead of old-fashioned cabinets. Maybe you’ve got your heart set on gleaming stainless steel appliances and sleek, minimalist architectural elements to match. Whatever your goals, we can assist in developing a kitchen you love to spend time in.  

 2. A cosy book nook that you can’t wait to snuggle up in

Do you love to settle in with a good read? In your dream home, why not create a book nook. Line the alcove with in-wall book shelves to house your favourite treasures, then make room for an array of pillows and cushions. The book nook is a hugely popular design trend, creating a designated space in your home in which to breathe and simply let go. In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, every home needs the kind of area that is dedicated purely to joy and pleasure.  

 3. An expansive deck that complements the natural beauty of your yard

The best homes and outdoor structures enhance the landscape rather than take away from it. Decks and pergolas are our specialty here at Krause Construction. We’ll help you choose a fresh, forward-thinking design that matches your style and generates a wonderful backyard atmosphere for both you and your guests.  

4. Built-in storage and book shelves to help you achieve a gorgeous, minimalist style

Your new home build can be outfitted with all the unique and exciting features you crave. And wouldn’t it be great if your house was move-in ready? Consider having your home builder add plenty of storage into the structure itself. This gives you ready-to-go organisation without having to purchase new furniture or storage containers. In-wall units or hidden storage areas bring a home the modern, streamlined look that so many desire. Avoid the clutter—have your Launceston dream home crafted storage-ready.  

5. A huge, natural light-filled bathroom built for rejuvenation and relaxation

The master bedroom and bathroom are essential rooms in your dream house. Don’t settle for a cramped, average bathroom. Time to start dreaming. How about a jacuzzi tub where you can soak your troubles away? Maybe his and hers side-by-side sinks to give you more room to get ready in the mornings. This is your chance to turn your bathroom into a place of respite—where you can feel and look your best. Let’s chat about what that might entail.  

6. Your dream bedroom, whatever that looks like

Finally, the place which is often the most fun to design in your ultimate home, your bedroom. Much of your bedroom will really come to life with decor and other final touches, but even during new home construction, there is plenty of customisation and personalisation that can happen. As you envision living, sleeping, and dreaming in this space, what would make your life easier or better? How will you use the space? If these questions have you a bit baffled, that’s okay. We can help.   Krause Construction is a team of home building experts. Nothing makes us happier than to work closely with our clients and create a home that is exciting and beautiful. Let’s discuss every aspect of your dream house. Get in touch today to start the process with Launceston’s leading home builders.